"WTFUCK is in the Box???"Box - [CAD Exclusive]

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"WTFUCK is in the Box???"Box - [CAD Exclusive]

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 04, 2010 2:30 am

I am putting together 25 boxes. They will have good shit in them. All boxes will have at least 15-20 pcs. They will be random. mostly buds 3" and at least one 9" but some will have other shit. There will be no squadts. All boxes will have some good shit...there will be no lame boxes full of only filler.

The boxes are $200

One of the boxes will include a Rob Jones Allluminum Chrome. Shocked
One box will include a blank Misfortune Cat
One box will include a Green Sqube.
Every box will contain at least one yet to be (or never to be) released 9" piece. hint in the title Shocked
Every box will include one of these

please make a list here if you want one first come first servd.

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