DoomsDay Prepping

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DoomsDay Prepping

Post  Vulpini on Tue Dec 02, 2014 8:15 am

Whether you are an end of the world fanatic who wants a bomb to drop through your ceiling.

Or you are praying that your airplane goes down mid flight.

Every MAN likes having their chest rig filled with ammo, an automatic rifle on a sling over their shoulder, a knife strapped to their leg, pistol on their hip, and an axe on their back. You know the feeling that I am talking about and if you don't then you live in a sad world. But its ok, Ill be your friend. Basically we have a hunger inside that will not be filled as easy as eating a cheeseburger with curly fries stuffed inside the burger ( What a Face )

So what I am wondering is, what would you do if a catastrophy like this happens, and do we have any survivors of some freak accident. And no spilling your milkshake on your 150$ pair of limited edition nike's don't count.

Any pointers, stories, recommended gear, pictures of things on topic.

I want to hear it.

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Re: DoomsDay Prepping

Post  ontheDL on Tue Dec 02, 2014 10:29 am

I'm not a lunatic about it but I do have a go bag put together, should I ever need it. Basic survival stuff. Map, solar flashlight, paracord, duct tape, tarp, lifestraw, emergency blanket, matches, knife, machete, compass, energy bars... And a friend in the middle of nowhere in wisconsin. We'll take it from there.

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