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Post  the-Magpie on Tue Oct 20, 2015 9:35 pm

Hey fellows,

I never believed that this will happen again but I have a strictly limited last opportunity for silver coating.
Some of you already know that I have - because of my own business - a good connection to the foreman of a company doing silver refinement in large scale.
They are really hidden champions doing a great job for artists like Zaha Hadid and companies like Vitra or Uvex.

Here you can see examples from last coating jobs:

So because of a promised favour for a good friend of mine I could manage to get a very last silver coating job done.    cheers  Officially only for myself!
That´s the point why I can only offer 3 Boardies the option to coat a helmet/body (only 1.0 arms) with real silver. Extras like lenses or weapons are not possible this time.

the price is also important to know. Your Squadt will be refined with 100% real silver. Because of that fakt it seems a bit pricy but believe me it's every single penny worth. For helmets it´s 85€ for hole (body + helmet) 250€ + “soft and smooth shipping“ when silver refinement is done.
Costs for transfer from me to the company 2 times (200 km) are already included.

So if someone is interested just hit me up within the 6th of november (then need the parts till mid. of november).
If noone is interested it´s also ok for me. Really.

Very important: I have no time for custom-explanation visits. (They are very strict here in germany.)
So if you are located outside Europe it´s better to order a squadt from minty/collect and display (...) and ship it to me or have a buddy in Europe to ship it in 2 steps (canklebreaker did it this way).

If you have any questions regarding the refinement just hit me up.
Best wishes,
the Magpie..
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