A ton of series 1 and 2 BUDS plus other stuff

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A ton of series 1 and 2 BUDS plus other stuff

Post  andydiesel on Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:43 am

Hi everyone! I'm trying to clear out my shop and storage areas so i'm selling all my open box stuff in one big lot. This is somewhere bewteen 85-100 figures. Some are broken, i'd say around 3-8 have issues. Almost all are REALLY dusty. it does come with one each 1.6 and 1.6 sealed SKLBUDS, one that has no marking on it at all (i think the first one released) also unopened, and one each of the SKLBUDS that are marked on the bottom with a silver or red line on a little white sticker. there are also 10 SEALED series one boxes.

I was thinking $150+shipping costs. I'm hoping this is kind of on the cheap side, i made it that way because i really don;t feel like making a list of everything that is included. Am i a total idiot?

I don;t really know a good way to post pics here so this is a link to pics of them.

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