Young Gohsts For Sale

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Young Gohsts For Sale

Post  cripery on Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:20 pm

Hey all - I'm selling a few Young Gohsts if anyone is interested.

Here are pics of them:

Prices don't include shipping - I'll only charge exactly what it costs to ship but bear in mind I'm in UK and the absolute cheapest international shipping is going to be at least $15, with tracking & insurance extra.  Obviously would be worth purchasing a few to get better value.

Capgun $15 - SOLD
Mintyfresh black $15 - SOLD
Mintyfresh green $15 - SOLD
Mystery Brains $30 - SOLD
SDCC White $40 - SOLD
Sub #1 $20 - SOLD
Sub Bonus $15 - SOLD
Sub #9 $15 - SOLD
Sub #10 $15 - SOLD
Worms for CAD $35 - SOLD

See the photos but some are unopened, some are opened and include header, some are opened and don't include header.  Even though it has never been opened the SDCC White has a few tiny yellow-ish spots on the top of the head.  I'm pretty sure it was like this from new.  None have actually been displayed by me.

Paypal only as gift or +5% for fees.  Payment of the above will secure you the figure(s), I'll then work out shipping costs and will ship when payment for shipping is received.

If you can't PM then email me at: (note: don't send any payment to this email address! - I'll let you know my paypal address if you are purchasing).

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