Amraz the Weaver custom by F+

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Amraz the Weaver custom by F+

Post  InebriatedGnome on Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:05 pm

Moving in just over two weeks and I'm trying to sell anything that will be too big a hassle to pack. Sadly that means this guy is leaving me. Beautiful custom Squadt sculpted and painted by F+, comes with a companion 'Fiend' figure. The helmet, arms and shoes feature a lot of additional sculpting, the staff accessory is cast from scratch and packs a ton of tiny details in the shape of skulls and waves. Costume is also from scratch. Please PM me if you're serious and would like more photos.

Asking $500 shipped in the USA. Cost on this was close to $1k, so I'm pricing to move quickly. That said, offers are still welcome.

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